DevOps – Why Should We Care?

devops-processI just published my educational slide deck “DevOps – Why Should We Care” to Slideshare.

Though DevOps is primarily an organizational concept, smart technology can make the difference when implementing it. I am not the authority to judge the technical feasibility, the bits and bytes of each tool that tags itself with the DevOps label, for this kind of information you will find much more capable contributors.

I would like to thank Patrik Kua, Andi Mann, Ernest Müller, Matthew Jones, Gene Kim, Puppet Labs and Information Weeks for inspiring me by making their knowledge publicly available.

2 thoughts on “DevOps – Why Should We Care?

  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion. For me, DevOps is a wonderful example on how concepts valid in one domain (e.g. manufacturing / mass production efficiency principles) can add value to a totally different domain (e.g. code development).

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