Bienvenidos a California

Stefan sees the light – finally.

An essential station of my onboarding as a Palo Alto Networks employee is a two-weeks stay at the corporation’s headquarter in – not Palo Alto – Santa Clara, CA.

My colleague Ronny Fischer and I took the Sunday afternoon flight from Zurich and arrived at San Francisco Airport – on Sunday afternoon. Blessed be the inventor of the time zones.

Everything went well – flight was ok, immigration flawless, bags on the conveyor belt when we came there. To render a favour to my colleague I upgraded the rental car to a model good taste prevents me to publish. Only one hint: In Swiss German we have a very specific expression to describe this kind of automobile.

Instead, I publish a picture of me standing next to the company’s signpost. I need to lose weight, by the way. Or to learn Photoshop.


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