So that’s how after-training Lab Work looks like

Attending SE New Hire Bootcamp is really, really tough. Training classes from 8am to 6pm, five certification tests to take and a 70-page lab guide to complete.

The key to eternal happiness is collaboration. Here you see us collaborating on the Mexicali Grill lab exercise:

SEs in Mexicali Grill

from left to right:

  • Keng Seng from Singapore
  • Ronny from Switzerland
  • “Capo” Gelo from the Philippines
  • me, me, me
  • Marcelo from (Don’t Cry for me) Argentina
  • Bob from the Netherlands

Not in the picture:

  • Robert from Sweden (he forgot to come, but that was not a problem, because we changed the restaurant without telling him)
  • Jedi Master Sean from Phoenix (had dinner with his boss)
  • Jason from Oregon (ditto)
  • Lindsay from New York (tried to e-mail me at 7 pm asking where we were, but I was too busy to read e-mails)

Also not in the picture:

  • Samer from Saudi Arabia
  • Abdallah from Saudi Arabia
  • Kouhei from Japan
  • Takuya from Japan

These guys really did their labs. Respect!


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