About me


I am a post-modernist. I firmly believe that everything worth to be said has already been said, and everything worth to write has been written already. It is up to us to collect these pieces, reassemble them and create new meaning. I want to be part of that collection and re-arrangement effort.

Some of my biggest successes in life resulted from applying a concept / an idea from one domain / industry to a problem in another domain or industry. Take DevOps, for example: Applying the principles of mass production to code writing – thus taking software development from the ages to manufacture to industrial production.

I love to write about business, tech, philosophy, history, music, books, tech – basically I love to write about anything. Anything but sports.

The reason why I write so much on history of the medieval age and the Renaissance is simple: I believe that women and men around 1400 were going through the same level of insecurity and disruptive change we are today. Of course the potential for total extinction of mankind has massively increased in the last 100 years. Nuclear bombs, genetic manipulation, overpopulation, robots getting smarter than men, threatening to take their jobs – you name it.

But from an individual perspective – is this so different from a father or mother facing the constant presence of impending illnesses, epidemics and warfare? I am sure my own suffering from losing my family to nuclear war would be enormous, but certainly not bigger than a Florentine father’s grief when losing his wife, children and neighbour to the plague of 1347.

The reason why I work in technology is because I love to see when progress is changing the world to a better place – and the part I like most about work is to enable teams to provide solutions with the right mission in an ever transforming world.

But that’s only my professional side. My more private interests are my family (wife and two twin daughters), jazz music, literature, (of course) medieval history, theology, architecture and many other topics I find worthy to write about.

Have fun reading – and please be open and direct when providing feedback.