Think long-term.

Pessimism, everyone! In a recent conference appearance, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking revised his forecast. Due to population growth, climate change, refugee streams, public unrest and epidemics he shifted the time for humans to live on planet Earth down from an earlier prognosis of 1000 years to a mere 100 years. Then, it’s either lift-off for... Continue Reading →

Another Unexpected Encounter

My wife loves going to Brocante shops - which is French for 2nd hand stores, and I love to go with her, not so much because I would be overly interested in buying used stuff, but because I love watching her when she sorts out the jewels from the junk, and I celebrate with her when... Continue Reading →

Das “Bücherfass” im Bücherblog

In ihrem Blog «» streifen die beiden Vielleser Heinz Egger und Michael Guggenheimer durch schöne oder spezielle Buchhandlungen, Antiquariate und Bibliotheken – nicht nur in Zürich. Am 5. November haben sie eines meiner liebsten Geschäfte heimgesucht: Das Bücherfass in Schaffhausen. Ihren liebevoll geschriebenen  Blog-Post liest der geneigte Leser hier

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