A Mission Visit

Stefan finds his peace - temporarily. First day of training over and jet lag kicking in. Ronny and I had already done the certifications planned for the evening, so we decided to drive up to the University of Santa Clara to visit the Mission of Santa Clara de Asís. The mission / station was founded... Continue Reading →

Das Lob der Fährenfrau

Der nachfolgende Beitrag erschien in der Juni-Ausgabe 2016 des SwissICT Magazins. Das Essay basiert auf meinem Vortrag "In Praise of the Ferrywoman", den ich im Mai 2016 an der Konferenz "Women in Technology" halten durfte.  Frauen sind für erfolgreiche Transformationsprojekte mehr als wichtig. Ein Essay. Gender Diversity» ist in aller Munde und dies ist kein Wunder.... Continue Reading →

Learning from Benedict of Nursia

Or: How to successfully launch and run a multinational corporation Or: How to prosper in times of transformation When hearing of Benedictine monks, most of us think of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s 1986 movie “The Name of the Rose”, which was based on Umberto Eco’s novel of the same name, published in 1980. The book is a historical... Continue Reading →

Learn something new every day.

If we keep expecting change without changing ourselves in the first place, we will not succeed. Let's promise to ourselves to try something new every day. The aim for this promise is of course to bring ourselves out of our comfort zone and to widen our horizon. Here are a few proposal to do something... Continue Reading →

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