Think long-term.

Pessimism, everyone! In a recent conference appearance, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking revised his forecast. Due to population growth, climate change, refugee streams, public unrest and epidemics he shifted the time for humans to live on planet Earth down from an earlier prognosis of 1000 years to a mere 100 years. Then, it’s either lift-off for... Continue Reading →

Another Unexpected Encounter

My wife loves going to Brocante shops - which is French for 2nd hand stores, and I love to go with her, not so much because I would be overly interested in buying used stuff, but because I love watching her when she sorts out the jewels from the junk, and I celebrate with her when... Continue Reading →

Drawings in Unexpected Places

Friends warned me against going to San Francisco with the (rental) car, so I decided to hail an Uber, which was a good idea for two reasons: Indeed, there seems to be an enormous amount of cars in the Bay City, but no parking. Plus: On the 60min drive up the  101 my Romanian driver... Continue Reading →

Jet Lag is Toxic

What a night. After a calorie-loaded meal at a Mexican restaurant I went to bed at 9pm, and in my Margerita-induced coma forgot to put the mobile phone to flight mode. It did not take long for me to regret it: Three hours later a friend and former colleague called to check on me and offered me... Continue Reading →

So that’s how after-training Lab Work looks like

Attending SE New Hire Bootcamp is really, really tough. Training classes from 8am to 6pm, five certification tests to take and a 70-page lab guide to complete. The key to eternal happiness is collaboration. Here you see us collaborating on the Mexicali Grill lab exercise: from left to right: Keng Seng from Singapore Ronny from Switzerland "Capo" Gelo from... Continue Reading →

Partners in Crime

This, ladies and gentlemen, is our class - the April 2017 Palo Alto Networks SE New Hire Bootcamp Class. Meet (from left to right:) Abdallah from Saudi Arabia Keng from Singapore Gelo from the Philippines Jason from Oregon Samer from Saudi Arabia Marcelo from Argentina Bob from the Netherlands le moi Master of Ceremony Sean from Phoenix... Continue Reading →

A Mission Visit

Stefan finds his peace - temporarily. First day of training over and jet lag kicking in. Ronny and I had already done the certifications planned for the evening, so we decided to drive up to the University of Santa Clara to visit the Mission of Santa Clara de Asís. The mission / station was founded... Continue Reading →

Bienvenidos a California

Stefan sees the light - finally. An essential station of my onboarding as a Palo Alto Networks employee is a two-weeks stay at the corporation's headquarter in - not Palo Alto - Santa Clara, CA. My colleague Ronny Fischer and I took the Sunday afternoon flight from Zurich and arrived at San Francisco Airport -... Continue Reading →

Von HW-diktiert zu SW-defined

Meine Keynote an der Telenetfair 2016 Alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen? Wir haben uns ja in unserer Branche daran gewöhnt, dass wir nebst vielen Innovationen doch auch gerne einmal alten Wein in neuen Schläuchen ausschenken. Warum sollte ein Thema, mit welchem wir vor zehn Jahren grosse Erfolge gefeiert haben, nun plötzlich nicht mehr ziehen? SW haben... Continue Reading →

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